A letter from Fladmus

Hi Family Ties

Thanks for stopping by. I have put the clan into farming mode indefinately for now. Yes I plan to return to doing clan wars later, but for now, I'm done. The clan has evolved into something other than what I wanted. I've been lucky to have nice help in friends, keeping the clan running but they do not share the goal of getting better at clan wars and so the clan has become filled with farming players who used to be helpful in wars, but now just showcase that it's not a serious war clan any more.

So! My plan now is just to level up my accounts and do casual gaming for a long time. Wars will not be happening at all. Honestly, I'll probably keep clan in farm mode til around May 1st. And then I'll re-evaluate what I want to do.

To those of you who still want to get better and do wars, time to find another clan. If there are any hardcore members that want to follow the plan of a couple months of farming and maybe return to war with a more serious attitude, where all fat will be trimmed. Stick around and we might make a run at it again.

Sincerely yours